Eight Days with Kate

  I met Kate Bowler at an intensive writing workshop in July 2016 at the Collegeville Workshop in Minnesota. She came the day after everyone got to the workshop; I was walking along the sidewalk and she was seated at a table and I stopped to introduce myself. I’m not even sure how it happened: … More Eight Days with Kate

I got a book deal!

It’s been a while since I updated this blog because I’ve been busy working on a book for Viking Press! It’s called AFTER THE LAST BORDER for now and it features the stories of two refugees, one from Myanmar just as she’s resettling in Austin and one from Syria as she becomes a refugee. Their … More I got a book deal!

How NOT to Speak to the Mom of a Special Needs Kid

Ashley and I were the last hangers-on from a fun play date at a popular local playground. The restaurant by the playground is relatively cheap and delicious, so there are always a passel of parents there with kids. And it tends to attract a particularly Austin-y crowd: diverse, hippie-ish, a little granola. Ashley and I … More How NOT to Speak to the Mom of a Special Needs Kid

Refugees 101

Because of my experiences working with refugees, and the fact that I keep ranting with love on social media, several people have asked me questions that I thought I might best bring together in one post. To the best of my ability, I’ve linked to neutral and/or reputable sites to back up my statements below. … More Refugees 101

Notes on Nadia

If you haven’t been following me on Facebook or Twitter this week, you may have missed my as-told-to piece with ‘Nadia Al Moualem’ for Vox.com. I wrote the story following an interview that lasted for several hours with Nadia and her family in early December (the names ‘Nadia and Mohamad Al Moualem’ are pseudonyms–the family … More Notes on Nadia